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The Opportunity

Reps placed orders on one application and created their forecasts from another. Since there was no direct connection between Forecasts and the Online Ordering system, inventory needs were not consistent.  Inventory was either not available when reps needed to place orders or inventory was significantly more than needed and may be obsolete before used and thus wasted.

The Solution

Point B recommended combining the Forecasting and Ordering system into one online experience.  Each Forecast would serve as its own individual warehouse and be connected to overall inventory.  Inventory would be allocated to Forecasts on a FIFO basis ensuring product is available for each project.  Inventory allocated to Forecasts would not be available for daily, individual orders until replenished.   This resulted in improved inventory consistency and less waste.

“Since the Merchandising site went live last November, it has evolved into a robust system giving us capabilities and data we previously didn’t have with our predecessor.  With the additional tools, we’ve been able to better manage inventory and cut expenses significantly to support other initiatives.  We’ve continued to update the site as our needs have changed giving us a better user experience.”

Chris Kennedy

Category Leadership, Post Consumer Brands

Product Features

This solution is built using Node.js and React.js along with a Mongo database for realtime updates of inventory.  We’ve built a custom integration to 3PL Central warehouse management system and integrations to Shippo to calculate estimated shipping costs for each order.


Minimal Design

Responsive Design

Real-time inventory updates

Shipping Notifications

Custom Forecasting Module

Real Time Inventory Updates

Creating a custom integration to 3PL Central we are able to trigger updates in real time.  This is important as new Forecasts are added and inventory needs are managed automatically to fulfill each forecast request while maintaining the order processing integrity.

Custom Forecasting Module

The Forecasts are the key to the success of this application allowing our client to understand their inventory needs far in advance of a Forecasted project.   And additional direct orders to be fulfilled.

Shipping Notifications

Through our custom API connection to 3PL Central, when an order is shipped, our application is automatically updated to notify the sale rep that the shipment is on the way.

Configurable Order Approvals

We created a configurable approval process in response to the need for oversight on orders from a specific sales division.  This ensures orders are correct prior to shipment and also alerts management about potential costs incurred.

Site Designs


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